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Meet The Finest Lake Erie Fishing Captain, Kenny Lewis of Captain Ken's Wild Wings LTD And His Boats

Captain Ken's Wild Wings is owned and operated by the legendary Captain Kenny Lewis. This Lake Erie fishing charter is a must-visit destination for Ohio hunting and fishing enthusiasts.

About The Captain:

Captain Kenny Lewis of Captain Ken's Wild Wings is a seasoned fishing and hunting guide, with experience that dates back to his childhood. Growing up in a family of charter captains, Captain Kenny was exposed to the world of fishing at an early age by his dad and uncles. He spent countless hours learning the ins and outs of navigating the waters of Lake Erie, as well as how to locate fish using various techniques.

Featured in multiple publications, as well as being featured on North American Hunter with Bill MILLER for his waterfowl prowess in 1999. In a publication produced by Ducks Unlimited in 2000 of the top 100 outfitters in North America. Ken was listed as the number one outfitter in Ohio.

As he got older, Captain Kenny continued honing his skills on the lake, focusing on mastering deep water techniques and identifying key locations such as reefs and rock piles where fish tend to congregate. His dedication paid off when he decided to start offering Lake Erie fishing charters professionally, quickly gaining a reputation among clients for his knowledge and expertise.

Beyond just fishing charters, Captain Kenny is also a hunting guide. He specializes in duck hunting in Lake Erie

Boat details:

Captain Kenny has a 37' Tiara Yacht that could carry up to 6 guests, powered by powerful twin-engine 420HP Caterpillars.  With its sleek and elegant design, it was the perfect vessel for a relaxing and comfortable trip on the water. 

But that's not all - for those who enjoyed duck hunting, there are three unique boats to choose from. The first was the 24' Duck Water Ocean "Mojo," which could accommodate up to 4 guests. This boat was ideal for those who wanted a more intimate and personal hunting experience.

The second option is the 28' Duckwater Ocean "Scaup," which also accommodated up to 6 guests. This boat was known for its exceptional stability and maneuverability, making it perfect for navigating tricky waters and pursuing fast-moving targets. 

The third option is the 25' duckwater ocean (Scaup II) really doesn't matter what we're doing with her which can accommodate up to six shooters. Purchased in 2021. This craft proved as a valuable addition to Ken's fleet.  

Last but not least was the 32' Duck Water Ocean "Sheepdog," a larger boat that could carry up to 6 guests. This boat was the ultimate choice for groups who wanted to enjoy duck hunting together in style and comfort.

No matter which boats you chose, one thing was certain - you were in for an unforgettable adventure on the water. From the sleek and luxurious Tiara Yacht to the specially designed duck hunting boats, there was something for everyone. So why not grab your gear and get ready for an exciting day out on the water? The possibilities were endless!

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29 Years of Experience

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First Aid Cpr Certified
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First Aid Cpr Certified
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