Lake Erie Fish Species

Common Questions

What is the most popular fish in Lake Erie?

- Walleye.

How deep is Lake Erie?

- Lake Erie has an average depth of about 60 feet (210 feet, maximum).

Why is Lake Erie special?

- It is the smallest of the Great Lakes by surface area and, consequently, the shallowest. It has a relatively warm temperature year-round. Lake Erie has the most biological productivity of any of the Great Lakes.

Captain Ken’s Wild Wings Fishing Charter targets the top Lake Erie Fish species including Walleye (Also Called Blue Pike, Dory, Glass Eye, Gray Pike, Marble Eye, Pike-Perch, Yellow Pike-Perch ). We primarily Fish the Lake Erie, Thorofare Canal, Chautauqua Lake, Stony Creek, Little Sandy Creek, Mason Run, Scott Creek, Muddy Creek, Little Portage River, Rocky River, Cattaraugus Creek, Toussaint Creek, Packer Creek, Big Sister Creek, South Branch Otter Creek, Rythus Creek, Sulphur Creek, Portage River, Woodchuck Creek, Summerfield and Ida Drain, Clear Creek, Wolf Creek, Middle Branch Otter Creek, Vermilion River, Little Swan Creek, Duck Creek, Yetter Drain, Plum Creek, Sandy Creek, Huron River, Ida Drain, Shober Number One Drain, Fitzgerald Drain, Lockwood Drain, Langton Drain, Grundman Drain, Miller and Malosh Drain, Willow Run, South Branch Turtle Creek, Pin Oak Creek, Macon Creek, Boyer's Creek, Pike Swale, Bay Creek, North Branch Clear Creek, North Branch Willow Run, Cottonwood Creek, Bathgate Drain, Hitting Drain, Wolf Ditch, Wheeler Brook, Davis Swale, Rofter and McCormick Drain, Little Indian Creek, Yauch Ditch, Tremblay Creek, North Branch Conewango Creek, Anweiler Drain, Black River, Canadaway Creek, West Branch Black River, Cedar Creek, Whitewood Creek, Sortor Drain, Otter Creek, Bates Drain, Toussaint Marsh, Yoas Drain, La Plaisance Creek, Eighteenmile Creek, Moore Drain, Pitts Creek, East Branch Chagrin River, Colburn Drain, Cousino Drain, Chagrin River, Mouille Creek, South Branch Mouillee Creek, Middle Branch Willow Run, Rauch Drain, Little Sister Creek, Welland River, Hansberger Drain, Big Indian Creek, Davis Drain, Sandusky River, Blanchett Drain, Webb and Reisdorf Drain, Swan Creek, Beaver Creek, Sugar Creek.