​Over the years customers always ask what they should bring.  Here is a detailed list of what you will need on the gunning platform of Wild Wings to make it an enjoyable, safe and exciting hunt.   

Capt Ken's Wild Wings Guide Service



- 12 gauge is best

- Semi, pump or over-under, just make sure the gun can operate in extreme cold

​- Ensure your gun is plugged for three shells, one in the chamber and two in the magazine


​- Preferably 3" shells

- Steel or approved non-toxic shot

- 12 gauge is best

​Stamps/ Licenses: 

- Resident or non-resident hunting license

- State Waterfowl Stamp SIGNED on the front

- Federal Waterfowl Stamp SIGNED on the front (any post office)

- You can find all required licenses and stamps at the Port Clinton Wal-Mart, 2826 E Harbor Rd, Port Clinton, OH 43452

- Go online to purchase and find information as well: 



Gear/ Clothing:

- Waders (not required but good when it rains)

- Waterproof Camouflage coat/ hat

- Waterproof gloves

- Binoculars (not required, but good to have)


- HEARING PROTECTION (the best are electronic noise reducing muffs, you can hear the Captain say "take 'em" when the time comes.

Food/ Drink:

- A full breakfast is provided

- Coffee is provided, please bring a thermos if you'd like also

- Water will be on the boat

​- Feel free to bring whatever else you'd like to snack on or drink